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  1. Co-editor (with Barbara Burman, UK), Material Strategies: Dress and Gender in Historical  Perspective, Gender & History (Fall 2002) and edited collection of essays (Blackwell 2003).
  2. Working Women of Collar City: Gender, Class, and Community in Troy, 1864-1886 (University of Illinois Press 1992).
  3. In progress: "Souvenir: A Memoir."


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Presentations (selected)

  1. "Constructing the Male Body: The Arrow Collar Man, 1905-1920," European Social Science History Conference, Netherlands, April 2000.
  2. "Collars Make the Man: The Social Construction of Manliness in the Early 20th Century US," Conference, "Beauty and Business," Hagley Museum and Library, Wilmington, DE, March 1999.
  3. "`Flaccid Fashions': Dress, Gesture, and Manliness in the US, 1880-1920,” European Social Science History Conference, Netherlands, March 1998.
  4. "Dress and Gesture in the US, 1880-1920," Social Science History Association, Washington, D.C., October 1997.
  5. "Consumerism, Fashion, and the Changing Language of Class," Berkshire Conference on Women's History, June 1996.
  6. "Dress, Gender, and Social Distinctions in the US, 1840-1940, European Social Science History Conference, Netherlands, May 1996.
  7. "Rethinking Social Class in American Sociology," American Sociological Association, August 1995.
  8. "The Social History of the White Collar," Social Science History Association, November 1993.
  9. "Domestic Service Revisited: Women Servants in the 19th Century and the 1990s," Berkshire Conference on Women's History, June 1993.
  10. "Piecing Together the Past: A Retrospective on 19th Century Working Class Communities," American Studies Association, 1988.
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  14. "What Union Women can Learn from the Past," National Women's Studies Association, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, March 1982.
  15. "On and Off the Job: Working Women's Family, Work, and Community Lives, American Sociological Association, 1980.
  16. "Class and Gender in 19th Century Labor Movements," American Studies Association, November 1975.

Invitational Lectures (Selected)

  1. "Dress and Social Distinctions in the US, 1880-1940,” University of Dortmund, Germany, March 1998.
  2. "Class Dressing: Gender, Fashion, and the Language of Class," Columbia University, Women and Society Seminar, January 1995.
  3. "Toward a Comprehensive Analysis of Women's Labor Activism," Cornell University, March 1991.
  4. "New Perspectives on Immigrant Women's Household Economic Contribution," New School for Social Research, April 1989.
  5. "Reconceptualizing Family, Work, and Labor Activism," Bard College, February 1986
  6. “Computers in Historical Research," Tamiment Institute Library, New York University, April 1985.
  7. “The Family: Under Pressure or Besieged?” Bard College, May 1980.
  8. "Class and Gender in 19th Century Women's Movements," Sara Lawrence College, April 1978.

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